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Reliving The Love Story of Chris and Catherine

It was the morning of Saturday, 21st March, 2015 and as is often said, Saturdays are for weddings. Clad in a mid-length yellow polished-cotton and lace-infused dress accessorized with a purple and gold necklace – to match the colours of the event, (I love to wear the colors of almost every wedding I attend or at least, have a touch of it) I headed for the Praise Community Church at Adenta to witness and actively partake in the wedding ceremony of a young couple; Chris and Catherine (Kate).
Catherine, an intelligent and humble lady, was my mate back in Senior High School. We were not classmates, but course mates as we both studied General Arts and met a few times in class during common Elective lessons. We were not close pals, but from a distance, I really admired her and we were on very good terms too. After three years in High School, Catherine and I met again at the University of Ghana in August 2008 as “Freshers”. Coincidentally, we were residents of the same Hall (Akuafo Main) and more interestingly, we were only two rooms away from each other. We met often and talked quite often too, hence building a stronger relationship. It was therefore not surprising that when after our first year we had to seek off-campus accommodation due to the in-out-out-in system at Legon, we decided to move into the same room at Evandy Hostel, together with an old and good friend of ours, Edith (Naa Dedei), who you will meet in subsequent episodes. Evandy Hostel – that’s where I met Chris, Kate’s boyfriend, then a student at the Pentecost University College and a regular visitor to our room. We also had a fourth roomie, Sophia, then a first year student at IPS, now UPSA. We were roommates for two years, until we decided to move into separate rooms in our final year.
Fast-forward to 3rd March 2015, Kate sent me her wedding invitation via WhatsApp with the request “Awura, please be the Co-MC at my reception”. On receiving the message, I exclaimed in excitement, not only because she acknowledged my talent and honored me by requesting me to be the compẻre for her big day, but also, she was settling down with her sweetheart of about 7 years.
It was a beautiful wedding and to God’s glory, I hosted the reception with my Co-host, Jude Aboagye (now Pastor Jude), to the admiration of all. We were so easily connected and flowed so well as if we had met earlier to rehearse. The connection was just divine! And if our encounter had resulted in a love relationship, it would be best described with the cliché, “Love at first sight”. (That is just by the way, as he was happily married at the time and still is). I remember doing a solo ministration of Newlove Annan’s Your Grace and Mercy… rendered in three languages; English, Akan and Ga and everyone loved it! The Climax for me was when the Chairman for the occasion, Mr. Alex Boamah literally “doffed his hat” out for me for such great officiating skills and spoke blessings over my life.
I had plans of pursuing events hosting as a career someday, but this very wedding I officiated, is one event that motivated me the more to as soon as possible, make use of the great talents and positive energy God has blessed me with.
A year and five months gone by, Chris and Catherine, now Mr. and Mrs. Gakpo-Gabson have been blessed with an adorable baby girl and I look forward to attending the Christening soon.
This is one of the many weddings I have ever hosted on gratis. I did not receive a pay cheque, cash or any other form of physical reward and I sincerely did not expect anything in return for my services, especially at a time when events hosting for me, was just a hobby. But trust me, it was fulfilling and would do it for them over and over again.
For me as an MC, It’s a joy to be part of such a great love story which is still unfolding.