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21 Years And Still Going Strong


Meet “Raj Couple” Mr. and Mrs. Odoi, whose wedding reception I hosted at GIMPA in Accra, on Saturday, September 3, 2016.  My encounter with this couple affirms that as MCs, our audiences usually become our clients.
I met Kate, then Kate Mensah, at a wedding reception at the Aviation Social Centre on August 13, 2016. I was the MC and she was one of two gift custodians, like we usually say, she was in charge of the Gift Table. In the course of the event, she called me and said, “Mz Raj, I like the way you are handling the programme. My wedding is in 3 weeks but I’m yet to find an MC but now, I’ve found you.” I was all smiles and said, thanks, Ma’am. She asked, “can you MC the reception of a mature couple?” Immediately, I took a second look at her and noticed she wasn’t the usual young bride-to-be in their twenties. Then, I confidently said, that’s not a problem Ma’am, 2 years ago, I officiated the wedding reception of a couple that had been customarily married for 20 years and very recently, a 70th birthday reception…..all with a mature audience. That’s great, she said. I gave her my business card, and went back to work.
Few days later, we arranged to meet with her husband to finalize booking arrangements. Apparently, Mr. Samuel Odoi, her husband, was a guest at the wedding too and had seen me in action so Kate had no difficulty at all recommending me as their Wedding MC. That was the beginning of a beautiful MC-client relationship with a couple whom I called mom and dad throughout our discussions. I asked a lot of questions and as lovely as they were, tolerated and satisfied my curiosity.
Their Love Story………….
Mr. Samuel Odoi is in his 50s and wife, Kate, in her late 40s. They met in 1991 in a Tertiary Institution here in Ghana, where Samuel was the SRC President. They first met at the school’s orientation programme for Freshers like Kate and according to her it was love at first sight because she felt the chemistry between them. Three days after their encounter, Samuel followed Kate home after lectures without her knowledge and that is when their friendship began. After courting for 4 years, Samuel and Kate decided to settle down so in April 1995, they got married customarily. 21 years down the line, their marriage is still going strong. They have been blessed with 3 children and decided to have a white wedding/marriage under the ordinance this year.
Throughout the planning of their reception, they were open to my suggestions and vice versa. Together, we developed a running order, that was surely going to make their day memorable.
As usual, on September 3, I arrived at the reception venue early enough to do all my checks and vendor interaction and awaited their arrival from Church. By 1:30pm, we were set to roll. The couple, with their Best man and Bridesmaids, who turned out to be their own children, were ushered in with Korede Bello’s Godwin. Events unfolded smoothly and everyone present had a good time.
The highlights of the day for me included the emotional mother and son moment between the bride and best man as they danced to the all time favourite, Sweet Mother. I also had some fun with the best man and brides maids during the What Do You Know segment when I sought to find out how well they knew their parents; the couple.

The Groom had also, earlier assured me he really knew his wife of 21 years and could easily spot her even in the dark. So, I threw a challenge to him with one of the most exciting wedding games; the Spot Your Wife Game where I blind-folded him, lined up about 6 women, including his wife and asked him to identify his wife…. and he sure did! This was an exciting moment for all.
At the end of the day, it was fulfilling to know that all guests present, both young and old had their share of excitement. Many young guests present, including me also took some inspiration from the couple and the event.
One thing was obvious during the planning and on the day of the wedding; so much love and understanding exist between the couple, which has enabled them to surmount all challenges and keep them going strong after 21 years.
Blessed to have been part of their special day which marked the beginning of a new life together.



By: Awuradjoa Quansema Sam (Mz Raj)-Professional MC
We wake up to new and very inspiring trends in Events daily. Today, everyone wants to take their events (corporate or social) to a whole new level by renting budget-friendly but classy venues, breathtaking themes and décor, personalized stationery, professional ushering and waiting services, as well as Events Planners, who take the stress off individuals and institutions who seek to organize events by planning, executing and coordinating on their behalf. Additionally, we love to capture and preserve the memories of our special events for a life time; hence, hiring Professional Photographers. Photography, like Events Planning, is one profession which has, within a short time, gained so much grounds in Ghana with many professionals out there providing captivating still and motion picture photography….like my very own Pinhole Xpressions and the other known and highly professional photography Teams.
An integral aspect of Events which cannot be overlooked however, is the role of MCs or Emcees. The smooth running and overall success of any event rest solely on the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies; a confirmation of the expression: “the MC makes or breaks an event.”
In recent times, there has been a proliferation of Professional MCs in Ghana; some being Wedding MCs, others Corporate MCs and a lot more, all-rounded. In my very short time of operation as a Professional MC, I have observed a greater number of male MCs, which makes the profession appear male-dominated. Very few Professional female MCs like me exist, but both genders are doing great on the mic. Most of these Ghanaian Professional MCs have adopted brand slogans such as The MC.Extraordinaire, The Emcee of Our Time, Your Official MC, The Man on the Mic and my humble self: The Versatile Emcee. Shout out to The MC Academy and all the wonderful people out there rocking the mic!
“Why should I pay someone just to talk?” As a Professional MC, this and many more are some questions I am confronted with, as some people are of the view that MCing is just about “talking” and sometimes, being comical. They would rather rely on a garrulous and funny relative or friend to officiate their event, especially, weddings.
MCing, contrary to some notions, is a very tough and challenging job and arguably, the most powerful position in any event. Apart from Talent (which is from above), one must exude a lot of confidence to be able to speak for hours in public, control an event and ensure the satisfaction of all guests and audience. Professional MCs are not just talkers and the art of MCing is a skill which must be nurtured. From my experience as a Professional MC, the role of MCs sometimes extend beyond on-the-day officiating to planning; especially in cases where Event Planners are not hired. A good MC makes a Great event, and as such we view and treat every event as our own and assist with or recommend vendors, the development of running order and even, the type of songs to be played by the DJ, all with the aim of ensuring a successful and memorable event.

It is gratifying however, to note that many Ghanaians are gradually beginning to appreciate the significance of Professional MCs to their events, and do not take chances by entrusting the officiating of their events to just anyone.
To the many others who are contemplating hiring me, Mz Raj or any Professional MC and just telling a friend to handle it; simply remember that you need a Professional MC as much as you need delicious food from a good caterer, beautiful decor from a professional stylist, flawless make-up from a Beauty Therapist and dazzling pictures from a Professional photographer.
Planning your next event? Hire a Professional MC!
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